Join us as we scale up our efforts to better understand how to modulate human brain circuits and develop novel treatments for mental illness!


We are looking for bright and motivated scientists, postdocs, residents, graduate students, engineers, and undergraduates to join our group

Our research spans varied fields including neuroscience, clinical trials, psychiatry, neurology, brain stimulation, neuroengineering, and electrophysiology. If your interests match ours, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please send inquiries to

Post-doctoral Fellowships

Research Coordinators

  • We are currently hiring a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)!! Description here. Send inquiries to 

Graduate Students - Graduate students represent an important backbone in medical research.  Graduate neuroscience and engineering students interested in rotating in the lab starting in 2021 should contact us and let us know why they are interested!

Medical Students

Residents and Clinical Fellows - There are many opportunities for residents and clinical fellows to contribute to our team. Reach out and let us know your availability, goals, and research interests!

Undergraduates - We are always looking for help answering these important research questions. If you are looking to pursue a medical, neuroscience, or engineering career, come join us and be a critical part of our team!